EATO Co-Opportunities March 2019

With the move to this new website, let’s take a look at the variety of ways members can engage with the community that are not yet featured in the “Get Involved” section.

  1. Suggest an Event Idea & see past ideas
  2. Check out and consider supporting community projects
  3. Indicate your Interest in a Toronto EA House on & then go to the slack’s house channel
  4. Sign up for a course at, a ” Toronto based not-for-profit group that teaches advanced thinking skills and evidence based self-improvement techniques. ” that works closely with EATO.
  5. AI Safety Camp: volunteer your time, contact Colin
  6. Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter
  7. Join our Shared EATO Calendar
  8. Event & Project Development Schedule
  9. Meeting Notes Archive
  10. Group Planning Archive
  11. Slack Channel

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