EATO Community Newsletter – May

Over the last month, the EATO community has continued to host a variety of project-oriented events from launching an AI Safety Camp in Toronto to workshopping our careers and more. We also had a fun and thought-provoking time at another Powerpoint Presentation Potluck Party!

The new project-focus-format for Wednesdays is shaping up to be a useful experiment. This format seems to be a little less flashy and eye-catching for new attendees, perhaps due to the focus on “work” though there is still plenty of time and space to chat and meet others.

Let’s keep this in mind: Week to week, we get together and have an enjoyable evening while at the same time we are working on promising projects! Our efforts each week help us get more deeply engaged and experienced with the thinking and doing of effective altruism.

We all start off as strangers to each other, and slowly, we transform into a community with a shared purpose that takes action over time. Let’s grow this community together.

Events — Weekly Wednesday Meetings & Monthly Socials

To sign up for some of the events below, head over to our Meetup or Facebook groups where all events are posted.

Any Project Night! – Co-working & Social (past) @OISE

Wednesday, May 1st

Charity Entrepreneurship! A Big Opportunity for Impact (tonight) @OISE

Wednesday, May 8th

Party! @theUtillery

Saturday, May 11th

How would you, in particular, spend $50,000 to do the most good? @OISE

Wednesday, May 15th

Supporting Pozm! A Kickstarter for Public Goods @OISE

Wednesday, May 22nd

TBD – Aiming for a Guest Speaker to be confirmed later in the month @OISE

Wednesday, May 29th

Community News & Project Updates

  • EATO’s new website, has an updated Get Involved section with plenty of opportunities for members, new and old
  • Think Better, a local, EA-aligned critical thinking and rationality training program, is continuing to run courses and is looking for some external opportunities to help teams and organizations think better
  • AI Safety Camp Toronto/Canada/North America is pulling together a team, now on Slack, to set up a timeline leading up to the 2020 camp.

All the best,


P.S. If you ever have questions about the group or EA in general, feel free to hit “reply” to any of these emails. We’ll be happy to help you out!

New to the group? Check out this our updated website for a comprehensive list of resources and ways to get involved with EATO.

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